Tuesday 21 December 2021

Getting ready to build a new duck run


Our existing duck run needs to be rebuilt. It is currently in a poor state and this can only get worse while the ducks are confined to it due to the avian flu restrictions. So, we are going to build a new duck run next to the old one and then transfer the birds to the new one. We can then dismantle the old one, get rid of the rotten fence posts and then rebuild it. Some of the ducks can then be returned to it, the others can stay in the new run, giving them extra space. Once the poultry lockdown is over and the birds can go free range again, the new run will become home for the chickens we will be breeding this year.

The first job to do however was to chop the large number of branches that are on the site where the new run will go. That was my main job this morning. Once they've been cleared we can start to build the new run.

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