Sunday 15 November 2009

Our only pumpkin

pumpkin Nov 09

We will have to look again at how we grow pumpkins. We had one (see picture above) and it was not anything spectacular. A second one did grow but it was on the restaurant menu for the slugs. It is possible that we planted them too late.
We put the pumpkin we did get into a chutney with marrow. The recipe will be posted shortly.


pickleandpreserve said...

I've found pumpkins very hit and miss over the past few years. This year I think, like you, we put them in to late and didn't get enough hot sunny days. Some small buds appeared and were eaten or rotted away, we did get some sizable squashes, but they're not quite the same as a pumpkin.
I'll look forward to seeing your chutney recipe, I made some myself out of the remains of the Halloween pumpkin.

mewmewmew said...

You were lucky to save them ! They need plenty of air circulation when storing them!

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