Wednesday 28 July 2010

Late July update from the allotment

We seemed to do plenty of weeding over the weekend. Yet the allotment still seems to be full of weeds! What are no longer on the allotment are the shallots. I picked them on Sunday along with the redcurrants, and another batch of raspberries and strawberries. Back in the kitchen, I turned all the fruit into a summer jam - recipe to follow.

I am concerned about the garlic. Last year we had a fantastic crop. I lifted a couple of bulbs from the ground on Sunday and they were unimpressively small. We'll leave them a few days yet but I am expecting a disappointing crop. Perhaps the weather - our coldest winter in 30 years and a dry spring - have affected them.

Gherkins and cucumbers however are doing well. We have now picked a large number of gherkins and we'll be pickling them shortly.

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