Tuesday 20 July 2010

Strawberry puree - watch out for ice cream

The strawberry crop is coming along magnificently so over the weekend we picked what we could. We were never going to eat our way through them so i pureed some and put them in the freezer. The plan is to make strawberry ice cream. That means laying my hands on my ice cream maker that someone in my family has (possibly my sister Esther). David has used the ice cream maker in the past. I haven't but I have wanted to have a go for some time. Watch this space!

I'll probably video my efforts.

Last winter I also planned to make ice cream using recipes used in Georgian country homes 250 years ago. That would have meant getting some ice from the local lake. I was going to video it as well as part of a series I am hoping to produce on historical cooking. Alas, I never got round to making Georgian ice cream but later this year I'll give it a go, assuming we have some ice.

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