Thursday 26 August 2010

Watch out for cauliflower recipes

The glut of cauliflowers on the allotment has forced us to test out lots of recipes. So far I've made aloo gobi, stir fry, cauliflower and greenleaf soup and cauliflower and stilton soup. Shortly I'll be making picalilli and then cauliflower cheese. Any further suggestions and recipes are welcome.

Watch out for the forthcoming video on using the cauliflower glut I have been filming. It's not finished yet but I hope to have it on YouTube soon.


Smurfette79 said...

I followed a strict low carb diet for some time. Cauliflower became my favi veggie. PRE- LOWcarb i loved eggs and fried potatoes mixed. Seeing all of the cauliflower being used as fau-potatoes. I tried blanching then sauteing my cauliflower and mixing egg in. YUMM you should try !!

elfriide tramm said...

we steam cauliflower a bit (some 5 minutes or so), then put them on pan with a butter (natural butter. anything else will not do) and fry for some time - until nicely golden-brown. one of our favourite foods with fresh potatoes and cucumber-tomato-dill salad in summertime. real summerfood :)