Saturday 14 April 2012

Eggs galore

eggs galore Apr 12

We got another 2 hens in January, bringing our total to 7. A few days ago, we knew all of them were laying when, for the first time, we got 7 eggs in one day. We now have a bit of an egg mountain back home. I will pickle some soon. Some will be given away or swapped. We have a family birthday party tomorrow so some will be given away then. I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon so my hairdresser will be given some as well. I've been looking through medieval recipes recently and saw some dishes which used a dozen eggs and a pint of cream. Obesity wasn't a problem then as they worked off the calories through heavy manual labour. Nevertheless, I may try one or two of these old recipes.

We have built a perch from some logs in the chicken run and I spotted 6 of the 7 hens on it recently. I snapped the following shot on my blackberry.

Hens on a perch Apr 12

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Kitty Greene said...

I have a very small garden, but may just have enough room to squeeze in four hens (no cockeral though because it is a built up area)
I've kept chickens and ducks before, but never thought of making a 'perch' like the one in your picture - I've got logs and branches lying around - I'm going to copy that if you don't mind !