Friday 21 December 2012

Fruit Liqueurs

fruit liqueurs Dec 12

These are the fruit liqueurs I bottled up this evening - 7 full and 5 half bottles. All but 2 were initially made last year and left to brew. I don't normally let them stand for so long before bottling them. The normal time is 3 months but somehow they were left on the shelf whilst I did other things.

Just to reassure you, we will not be consuming all the bottles over the Christmas period. This collection should last us for the whole of the coming year, even with some being consumed by friends who drink more than me or given as presents. My weekly tipple is one glass on a Saturday evening and a glass of wine with the Saturday and Sunday dinners. (A bit more when on holiday or in London.) Everything in moderation.

The collection of liqueurs includes raspberry gin, raspberry vodka, blackberry vodka, plum vodka, blackberry and apple gin and blackberry gin. The pickled fruit has been saved and I'm looking for Georgian trifle recipes in which the fruit can be used.

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cripplewing said...

A great blog....I have picked up some great tips from your endeavours. Success and happiness for the coming year.