Friday 21 December 2012

More trade

game Dec 12 2

I have previously mentioned the importance of trading or swapping in the world of self-sufficiency. The rabbit and 2 pheasants above, plus a further pheasant delivered to us a couple of weeks ago, cost us a joint of pork from our tamworth pig. The pheasants will form part of our Christmas dinner.

Egg production has picked up slightly but as I've been away for a couple of weeks, we have a bit of an egg mountain. So trade in eggs has picked up. This morning, I swapped a dozen eggs for a large bag of onions and leeks. A dozen eggs is about to head over to another allotmenteer's house and a further dozen will be going shortly to a friend in exchange for a bag of kale.

Finally, it's 21st December. Happy Winter Solstice. From tomorrow the days will be getting longer, though it will be ages before we notice the difference. I posted something about this on Facebook earlier today and someone posted a comment that as of tomorrow, we will have 14 minutes more daylight this coming week. That will make all the difference up here in the North East of England!

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