Sunday 26 July 2009

Planning ahead for winter

Space is already being created on the allotment by the harvesting of crops. We are not letting it lie fallow for too long. The garlic has now come out of bed 2 leaving us with a 4 metre long strip to fill.

Planting for winter and spring crops is therefore underway. This is important as we need to secure our food supply during the colder months.

Last month I planted a row of swede seeds. Today, David has been planting carrots (for harvesting in mid to late autumn) and cabbages (for spring cropping).

Well rotted manure went onto where the garlic had been on bed 2 andthis was used for planting cabbage. The carrots and some more cabbage went onto the final, unused part of bed 4 which had been well manured in January. That means at long last the whole of bed 4 is now in use. Seeing as bringing bed 4 into use was one of our targets for the year, that makes me rather happy.

Meanwhile, I checked out some local wild cherry trees but the fruit is not yet ready. I'll give it a week longer.

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