Tuesday 21 July 2009

Raspberries in the rain

I picked 3kg of raspberries on Sunday on the derelict allotment next to ours (the allotment is rented by a friend of ours and we will be helping her restore it soon). The fruit I picked made 14 jars of raspberry jam.

One thing I have spotted with jam is that people like to stick with the traditional types. I've market tested various somewhat revolutionary new types with friends but they always come back to the old favourites such as raspberry. So if you are trying to be self-sufficient but want to sell any surplus produce, when it comes to jams, stick with the traditional stuff. That's not to say don't try something new but don't expect it to sell well.

Raspberry gin recipe

I went out this afternoon to pick wild raspberries but after an hour, the heavens opened and I got soaked. I got about 1kg. They have been used to make raspberry gin. It takes about three months to make it but it is well worth the wait. This is what you need:

900g raspberries

200g white sugar

140cl cheap gin (ie 2 bottles)

2 vanilla pods

Large kilner jar

Put the sugar, vanilla and raspberries into the kilner jar and pour in the gin. Leave to stand for 3 months then strain and bottle the gin. Whilst it is in the kilner jar, you do not need to mix it or shake it. Just let all the flavour infuse.

Keep the gin-pickled raspberries as a topping for desserts.

This is my favourite fruit licquer but there are others we have tried in the past and will be making through the summer. More about them later.

Photo: the kilner jar containing raspberries and gin, set up on Tuesday 21st July.

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Anonymous said...

I have made the same conclusion: only sell popular "regular" flavours of jam and save the adventurous stuff for home use.