Wednesday 30 November 2016

New manure bin

manure bin Nov 16 (4)

The Whinnies community garden - I rent my allotment from them - built today some new compost bins from old pallets. One of them is specifically for manure from my goats and hens. They will use the rotted manure on the community garden. The manure bin outside my gate will continue to be used but we can leave it to stand to let the current contents rot down. Anyone on the site is able to take rotted manure from this bin. At this time of year we have a ready supply of manure!

manure bin Nov 16 (5)

Above - the contents of 2 of our henhouses.

manure bin Nov 16 (2)

Sandra and Chris from the Whinnies Community Garden ceremonially empty the first wheelbarrow of muck into the new manure bin to celebrate its launch!

manure bin Nov 16 (1)

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