Monday 29 September 2008

Dad to the rescue

Dad has an allotment in Marley Hill, the next village up the road from Sunniside. He has had it for a number of years so it is in good shape, not the scene of dereliction ours was last year when we took it on. As mentioned previously, my potatoe crop was a failure this year. Dad's wasn't. He has a surplus, along with a large surplus of onions and red currants. He phoned yesterday (unfortunately he couldn't get through as a constituent had phoned and blocked the line by not putting her phone down properly) but he did leave a message for us to call back. I did this evening, this time from my office in London (I came down this morning.) So when I am back home this weekend, he will pop over to provide us with spuds, onions (we have our own supply, at least that was one successful crop, but we are rapidly using them up) and a large quantity of red currants. I need recipes for jams, jellies and chutneys.

In return I'll let Dad rummage through our jam stocks and take away what he wants. We have restocked with new jams over the past couple of weeks and I will be blogging about the recipes I used shortly.

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