Friday 19 September 2008

A problem with rotting potatoes (and other allotment and foraging stories)

Three days to spend on foraging and working on the allotment. Today I spent digging up the potatoes. We have made a number of mistakes with the planting from which we will have to learn. We had not manured the ground before planting. Given that this was a derelict allotment before last year, then goodness knows when the ground was last manured. We also probably planted a bit too late.

The spuds were never really a success in the patch of the allotment where we planted them. Much of the plot was too wet and the soil too damp and heavy with clay. The wet summer has not helped. The heavy rain earlier this month made it impossible to spend any large amount of time digging up spuds but what we got then was okay, better than we expected but not that good.

I spent over 2 hours today digging up the rest of the patch. It was quite poor and a good number of what I dug up was rotting mush. Some were rescued but on the whole, not a great success.

Our courgettes on the other hand continue to produce more and more, as do the gherkins.

Tonight however I was back onto rosehips. I am planning to make a rosehip chutney. This is a recipe of my own creation and I will post it up after I've made the chutney itself. I picked half a carrier bag full of firm, large rosehips and spend a bit of time tonight chopping them open and scraping out the seeds. I'll do the cooking tomorrow.

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