Thursday 30 November 2017

Out with the old

old fire Nov 17

We have a simple rule in our house - we get the maximum we can from the equipment we have. Just because something is old doesn't mean it should be thrown out. We keep it going until it has broken down and is beyond repair. We have slightly relaxed that rule today. Our back boiler, gas fire and immersion heater must be nearly 40 years old. The fire and boiler have been repeatedly condemned by gas fitters on the grounds they don't conform to modern standards (though they still work). But, we have accumulated a huge amount of firewood - branches left over after the goats have eaten the leaves and twigs. I think 40 years means there has been a good use of the heating system so it is being taken out today.

A new combi boiler will be installed. Alas, that does mean we are not self-sufficient in fuel for heating. We did look at having a heating and hot water system entirely wood fuelled but we would have the problem in the summer of an over heated house. The combi boiler will in effect be a back up to the wood fired stove which will go into our front room (it will be installed next week). It will heat the entire house and the radiators will only need to be on for short periods.

old boiler Nov 17

The problem today is that this is the coldest day of the year and we are without heat!

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Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you, and am sure that you will be thrilled when the work is all done. We have a tiny wood heater and it has reduced our electricity bill by two thirds in the winter and has paid for itself in savings in one year. Its great for preheating water for tea and keeping soups simmering.