Monday 21 October 2013

Goat update

goats at Marley Hill Oct 13 2

We took our goats up to Marley Hill Community Centre, in the next village up the road from us, last Friday. I am a trustee of the building and I have a plan to turn the unused land to the side and rear of the building (of which there is a large amount) into community gardens and allotments. The land has not been used for years and is overgrown. We have many hurdles to jump and hoops to get through before we can properly proceed with the plan but plan or not, the grass and weeds need cutting back and that was a job my goats were very happy to carry out.

goats at Marley Hill Oct 13

Meanwhile, we have given the goats a mineral lick. Hopefully this will stop the goats licking my forehead whenever they get the chance!

goat lick Oct 13

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