Monday 21 October 2013

Vegetable korma

vegetable korma Oct 13

This vegetable korma came about because of a need to use up some fresh vegetables from the allotment and clear out the cupboards at home of the food we got from the supermarkets from the days when we went shopping. The korma sauce came in a jar (which will be reused for our jam making). We will be making more kormas in the future but the plan is not to buy the sauces but make them ourselves.


Heather James said...

What's it like not going shopping? Do you have more time on your hands now?

Jonathan Wallace said...

We don't think we have more time on our hands but we certainly have more money! Previously we were spending about £250 a month on food (including alcohol and eating out). That was with us already producing some of our own food from the allotment. Now the monthly food bill is about £20.